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Jean Wharton

I started decorating gourds about six years ago.  I saw a picture in a magazine of a table covered with gourds decorated with a very simple design and was intrigued.  I purchased a few gourds and experimented.  I have no training in art work, so the internet and a couple of online classes helped me get started.  I've taken classes at the Lone Star Gourd Show for several years and studied many gourd and weaving books.  I've been a member of the American Gourd Society, the Texas Gourd Society, and the Dallas Gourd Patch for approximately four years.  The Dallas Gourd Patch has monthly demonstrations on decorating techniques.  It's a fascinating hobby and a continuous learning process.

I've entered competitions and received ribbons at several woodcarving shows, the Texas Lone Star Gourd show, and the Texas State Fair. 

Jean Wharton Gourds,

You can see more of Jean's work on his blog at: 24802 Red Oak St, Magnolia, TX  77355    (800)752-9781

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