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Jim Redhawk

I was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma.  I am a citizen of the Mvskogee (Creek) Nation.
A mixture of blood flows through my veins; Creek Indian, English, Irish and French. I am a multi-talented artist taught by the spirits, led by visions, simple but complicated.  I am a man at peace with myself, my life, my spirituality, and my universe.

The subject matter of my work comes from inside my DNA and recollected
visual stimulas.  My work cellebrates the peace and calm before industrialation
spread across this great country.  My paintings take me back to a time slower and
more pure of nature.  In my paintings you see evidence of walkers (what I like to call humans in nature).  I compose freehand right on the painting surface for the pure pleasure of it.  I am a regional and national award winning painter and sculptor.
I tried many things before I found my passion in life. My latest artful venture is painting in the style of the Hudson River Painters and the old European Masters.  I love the darks and lights they obtain in their works.  I strive to make my work available to all at an affordable price.

Mvto (thank you)

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