Joe Perkins: St. Nick Carver

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Joe Perkins

Joe began woodcarving in the early 90's. At the time his hobby was knife making, so he thought he would learn enough 'carving' to create some fancy handles for his knives. Almost overnight knife making became history and 20 years later he is still learning wood sculpting, enjoying the challenge of producing a 3-dimensional figure, and actually using knives instead of just making them.

It was his good fortune to be tutored by two great carvers at the onset - before he had developed too many bad habits. Bob Bandor was an experienced carver with an encyclopedic knowledge of woodcarving. Paula Devereaux, a true artist, taught carving the human face & figure which has remained his main interest.

Today, Joe's work is a unique style of folk art carving that is sought after by collectors all over the country. Joe is a great carver and instructor and will share his skills and techniques with anyone interested in the art of woodcarving.

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