Learn to Carve with On Line Video Carving Lessons

Learning to Carve can be easier than you think...with a few tools and an investment of time you can learn to carve any thing you want.  Did you ever want to learn to carve but didn't know how to get started?  Well now, with the advent of the Internet, you can learn to carve by viewing videos over the Internet

Part 10 - Power Carving a Bluegill: Drawing on  the gill plate, lip and mouth, Cut in the gill plate, lip and mouth, Laying out the position of the eyes.
Part 2 - Carving a Rural Scene:  Removing the background around Building and Tree, cutting back Building walls, Shaping the Roof

Carolyn Halbrook Learning the Tools needed for Chip Carving: Carolyn explains a the necessary tools and supplies needed to get started C 

Gerald Sears carving in Creede Co at the 2009 Seminar:  This is a special treat for our members to get to watch Gerald carve in one of his classes working on an Ear and an Eye



Stu Martin: Part 1 Carving a Cigar Store Indian:


Dallas Deege: Learn to Carve an Ear on a stick

John Engler: Step 1: Starting to carve a pair of Raccoons in a tree:


Part 5: Woodburning a Cougar with Patty Rucker


Part 1: Preparing a cane blank with Don Hartt


Part 2: Carving the Hummingbird with Donna Menke


Part 1: Carving the Merlin Falcon with Marlen Downing


Part 2: Carving a head on a stick


Part 2: Carving the Black-capped Chickadee


Part 2: Carving a Bear Bust


Part 2: Carving a tall Santa   Watch Pat carve a tall Santa


Part 2: Carving Santa Ornaments


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